Department of Public Services and Administration Internships 2020-2021

Their aim is to increase the efficiency of service deliverance, administration, and responsiveness, as well as productiveness of all Departments. With the Department of Public Services and Administration internship program, they give talented individuals the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within their selected field. They also offer Learnerships. They invite applications from all parts of the country. Some of their programs may, however, be applicable only to a selected province or Department. Candidates must ensure they are aware of all requirements before making their application.

The Department of Public Services and Administration aims to uplift and improve the services delivered by all other Government Departments. They seek and implement new solutions to problems, structures, and systems. Their aim is to modernize the public services delivered by the Government.

Some of the issues that are addressed by this Department are as follow:

  • Client Services
  • Employment Practices
  • Job Evaluation
  • Learning Systems
  • Anti-corruption
  • Service Delivery

So, if you have what it takes, and they have a field for you, apply as soon as applications open.

Department of Public Services and Administration Internships Available

This Department has a wide field of internships available yearly. Candidates interested in the fields mentioned below or any other as advertised by the Department may apply if they meet all stipulations.

Fields to consider are:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Public Relations
  • Legal Services
  • Health and Wellness Services
  • Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Relations
  • Logistics
  • Secretarial
  • Programming
  • Public Administration
  • Research
  • Public Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Computer Networking
  • Service Delivery Administration
  • Strategic Management

Department of Public Services and Administration Internships Requirements

Individuals who intend to apply for an internship with this Government Department will need to meet all requirements as stipulated. Each field will have a variety of requirements, however, many of them will be the same.

Internships requirements:

  • Aged between 18 and 35
  • A South African citizen
  • Have a valid ID book or card
  • A valid Grade 12 certification
  • A Diploma or Degree in the field of application
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be able to work in a team
  • Be eager to learn

Candidates must also provide a detailed curriculum vitae, references and a motivational letter with their application, as well as certified copies of all above-mentioned documentation, and any other as is stipulated by the Department.

Department of Public Services and Administration Internships Application

Department of Public Services and Administration internships applications online is not accessible. Individuals who are interested in applying for any of the open internships, made available yearly by this Department, will be required to download and complete a Z83 Application Form. This form can be found on the Departments Careers Page online, or collected from your nearest Department offices. For more information, candidates can also visit this web page.

Once you have completed the application form it can be submitted to the following address:

Department of Public & Administration Services

Internship Application

Private Bag X 916



Applications can also be hand-delivered to the offices of the Department where it was collected or the following address:

Department of Public Services & Administration Offices

Batho Pele House

Johannes Ramokhoase Street 116 (old Proes Street) Cnr. With Sophie De Bruin Street



Applicants are reminded to please ensure that all relevant documentation is attached, and the application is signed. Incomplete applications, unsigned applications or applications without the requested documentation will not be taken into consideration.

Department of Public Services and Administration Internships Closing Dates

Closing dates for new applications are usually the middle of May each year. However, candidates are urged to first have a look on their website for relevant internship programs. Candidates must ensure all documentation is certified and the application form is fully completed, and signed by the applicant.

The candidates who are selected for the shortlist may also be asked to attend an interview. Their documentation will be verified and checked. If you have not had any contact within a 3 month period after the closing of applications, please deem your application as being unsuccessful.

Good luck to all candidates, we hope you find your ideal career path and happiness in all you do!

The Coca-Cola Company Internships 2020-2021

They center their attention on the future leaders and this internship program aims to support, attract and enable access for new graduates into productive careers. Their program vision is supported by research, fellowships, and guidance. They are currently focused on supporting development and skill planning towards all levels of their organization.

The South African business unit of Coca-Cola is proud to be part of a larger concern and working with the Eurasia Group, which currently is located in Istanbul, turkey. They constantly seek talented individuals to bring fresh thinking and new perspectives of how to solve problems and approach work. Therefore, supporting their conversational objectives, developing and securing necessary resource capacity for the sector, to ensure the progress towards Environmental Objective and company visions are reached. In addition, they allow interns exposure to opportunities and corporate culture to start their career with a solid knowledge.

Their impressive growth is made possible by the commitment and hard work of their canning operation, their four bottler operations, as well as all their employees. The main vision is to refresh and benefit the people of Southern Africa, the Coca-Cola company operates in over 200 countries around the globe and its beverages at a production rate of 1.8 billion each and every day.

The company and bottling producers own the brand, package, merchandise and distribute of all Coca Cola products worldwide. In Southern Africa, the Coca-Cola system has 15 facilities and currently employs approximately 9000 personnel. The company employs interns to assist especially in a time of high production, to teach and enable successful candidates to learn more about their selected career path. Some of their interns may even find a permanent placement with the company, however, this is not guaranteed. Most of their internship programs run for a duration of 12 to 18 months, these may differ slightly, depending on the field.

The Coca-Cola Company Internships Available

Candidates who are interested to apply for an internship offered by The Coca-Cola Company will have a variety of career fields to consider. With the internships offered by this company, candidates will develop their skills within the selected field. They will learn all there is to know about the functions, requirements and how to grow within their field. Each selected candidate will receive mentoring and be exposed to all factors of their field. Depending on progress and the need within the company, some interns may also be offered a permanent placement upon completion of their term.

Interested candidates may consider the following and other fields as is made available:

  • Project Administrator
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Field Marketer
  • Distribution Manager
  • Manufacturing Assistant
  • Depot Coordinator
  • Warehouse Manager

The Coca-Cola Company Internships Requirements

Each career field that is made available via their internship program will have stipulated requirements that must be met before applying. Depending on the selected internship, requirements may vary.

Most fields may require the following stipulations and more:

  • A valid ID document
  • A Grade 12 or Matric certification
  • A degree or diploma within the field of application
  • A solid understanding of MS Office
  • Strong administrative skills
  • A team player
  • Organized, timely and detail orientated personality
  • Good communications skills, written and verbal
  • Two South African languages
  • Own transportation
  • A valid driver’s license

The Coca-Cola Company Internships Application

The Coca-Cola Company internships applications online are only made accessible once an internship is available. Interested individuals can find more information on their internship opportunities online. The Coca-Cola Company has a couple of different internships yearly for successful candidates. They offer several different internship opportunities suitable for everyone. For assistance with the application process, candidates can go here.

Candidates are reminded to ensure the application is completed in full and all documentation certified before submitting. All documentation required must be attached to your application. All detail must be accurate and up-to-date. Applications that are received after the closing date, will not be considered and also application missing documentation or that are incomplete. Candidates are also asked to submit a letter of interest with their application.

The Coca-Cola Company Internships Closing Dates

Closing dates will differ. These dates will depend on the internship available and country. Late applications will not be looked at, therefore, candidates are urged to ensure they are aware of the closing date. Closing dates will be displayed on the information sheet of each internship. Candidates who have had no contact within three weeks after the closing date may assume their application was unsuccessful.

South African Reserve Bank Internships 2020-2021

Then the SA Reserve Bank may be the ideal place to learn more about the banking sector, economics and all fields pertaining to this industry.

The SA Reserve Bank present selected candidates with a great understanding of the industry while learning all the aspects within the financial world. The economic business is a spirited industry and for that reason companies providing finance, internships are out in search of distinguished, gifted and motivated candidates. All candidates must be dedicated to learning and assisting in long-term development within the company, as well as stabilizing the financial system of the country. Their successful candidates will develop management skills and gain real-world understanding of the financial side to all industries.

The financial industry is the key to all business throughout the globe. This sector deals with the economic stability and growth of the country and has a lot to teach the right candidates. If you feel you have what is required and you would like to make a difference on a large scale, then this company may be what you seek.

South African Reserve Bank Internships Available

Applicants interested in applying for an internship with the SA Reserve Bank must be completing their degree within one of the fields made available.

Interested candidates can consider the following fields:

  • Business Statistics
  • Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Risk Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Money and Banking
  • Mathematical Science

South African Reserve Bank Internships Requirements

Applicants that would like to be considered for the internship program provided by the SA Reserve Bank will have to meet all requests as specified by the bank. Only South African citizens may apply once their internship program opens.

Applicants must meet all the following stipulations:

  • Applicants supply an ID document that is valid and be an SA citizen
  • Applicants with a degree, or in their last year of study for a degree within their field, may apply
  • Applicants must be result driven with a passion for the finance industry
  • Applicants must have exceptional communication skills and be customer orientated
  • Applicants must be formal and presentable in appearance
  • Applicants must be able to work individually and in a team
  • Applicants must be trustworthy, honest and reliable
  • Applicants must be able to prioritize and work under pressure
  • Applicants must want to learn and excel, while also paying attention to details

Applicants with degrees in the following fields are welcome to apply once their internships open:

  • Risk Management
  • Econometrics
  • Actuarial Science
  • Commercial Law
  • BComm
  • Economics
  • BSC
  • Money & Banking
  • BEng

South African Reserve Bank Internships Application

SA Reserve Bank Internship applications online are only made available once their program opens. Their internships are for a 12 month period at the Head Office in Pretoria. To apply once their internship program opens candidates can look for the Intake Advertisement on their website. Applicants should also read this information page.

For more information on the SA Reserve Bank candidates can visit their website here. Successful applicants will learn all there is to know within their field if accepted for an internship with the SA Reserve Bank.

South African Reserve Bank Internships Closing Dates

Closing dates for internships supplied by the SA Reserve Bank will only be made available once their internship program opens yearly. Candidates are prompted to confirm that all fields of the application are completed truthfully and that it is signed by the applicant. All documentation must be certified and attached to the application for eligibility.

Heinz Internships 2020-2021

Starting in 2013, the (HMC) Heinz Micronutrient Campaign released a thrilling new partnership and this time with a nonprofit assignment to lessen food shortages in developing nations around the globe.

They constantly seek young and talented candidates for their variety of internships. They offer a 6 months preparation course within selected fields throughout the year to ensure a skilled labor force within the food industry. Their operation includes a wide range of categories and raw resources such as resin, fish, wheat, and meat for A-brands such as Wellington, Heinz, Today and John West.

There is an enormous need of sustainable decision-making and statistics visibility. Their intention with their internships is to maintain a strong presence in developing. Their strategies campaign which is at this time building a healthy difference, deliver improvement and encourages healthy growth, in particular developing regions and countries, is to be serving one child at a time. By focusing on extending its international reach and innovation they can make a difference.

They are very passionate to dish up good food and recognizes that food can enrich daily life, join people and bring together cultures. They are seen today as one of the universally leading producers of suitable foods for every occasion and strong producers of healthy food.

If you want to be part of a great company that strives to make a difference, then you may want to look at their internship opportunity. Their selected candidates will learn about the food industry, and gain valuable knowledge within all fields of this industry. Supplying the world with healthy meals is what Heinz is all about. Is this where you want to be? Find out more by reading on.

Heinz Internships Available

This company offers a wide field of career paths to talented, young individuals. Some of their internships are only for a short 6 to 12 month period, where some others may run longer.

Field available may vary, including these and more:

  • Safety and Quality Auditor
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Brand development
  • Sales and Retail
  • Accountant

Heinz Internships Requirements

Before candidates can apply for internships with Heinz SA, they have to meet all stipulations as set out by the company. Each internship application will show the requirements as per opening.

There is some which will be similar to all internships, they are as follow:

  • Candidates must have a relevant diploma or degree for the position applying for
  • Candidates must have exceptional written and verbal English skills
  • Candidates must have a solid understanding of Computers and MS Office
  • Candidates must be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Candidates must be customer orientated and highly motivated
  • Candidates must have strong communication skills and willing to learn

Heinz Internships Application

Heinz internships applications online are only made accessible once positions become available within the company. These will be advertised and candidates can apply online via the Career Junction website. To search for available opportunities candidates must execute an advanced search. Use Heinz Foods as the designated keywords in your search and select Junior or Skilled Job Level. Your search results should display any and all openings for graduates, trainees, and internships.

Candidates can also send an inquiry of interest along with their curriculum vitae to the HR department, send an email to, [email protected]. For more information on this company, candidates can visit their Website. From here candidates can also select the Careers tab at the bottom of this page which will redirect you to the Kraft Heinz page. Here applicants can select the tab for Graduates by scrolling down. Candidates will then be directed to their University Relations page for more information on the opportunities they offer. At the bottom of this information page candidates will find a button market ‘Apply Now’. Clicking on this button will redirect you to the Career Junction website and all open vacancies, traineeships, and internships currently available from Heinz.

Heinz Internships Closing Dates

The closing date for internships with this company will differ. Each internship opportunity is unique, thus, they are only made available when there is a need within the company. These internship opportunities are frequently advertised and the period for applications are usually only two or three months. Interested candidates must, therefore, ensure they check regularly for open internships and apply once they become available.

Coronation Internship Programme 2020-2021

Coronation was established in 1993. They first opened in Cape Town, South Africa. Their main business concern is the management of assets. They operate internationally with branches in Dublin, Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, Namibia and also in London. They offer their clients a long-term investment method which provides value and great returns.

The Coronation internship programme seeks talented individuals who have a passion for mathematics and investment innovation. Coronation is committed to making a difference within South Africa, assisting with fundamental and educational transformation. Thus they seek only the ideally suited candidates for their internships.

Their staff and management teams comprised of unique individuals with great passion and energy for what they do. Their client’s needs are always a priority and their staff work as a team to deliver high-quality services. If you feel this is where you belong, and you meet all the requirements, then they may have a spot for you as well.

Their interns are mentored by the best and will also be exposed to career duties. Their interns will take responsibilities within their set career field as is needed, gaining valuable expertise. They seek keen minds to build strong and sustainable communities by unlocking the potential of each individual.

Coronation Internships Available

Coronation has a variety of fields that candidates may consider, yet they only provide internships within the fields where openings may be. Some of these internships could lead to permanent employment where others will only be for a contract period as determined by the company.

Individual who would like to apply for an internship with Coronation may look at the following fields if made available on their website:

  • Retail Client Consultant
  • Personal Investment Analyst
  • Retail Administration Consultant
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Portfolio Management
  • Accounting
  • Office Administration
  • Marketing
  • Investment Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Risk and Performance Analyst

Coronation Internship: Requirements

Coronation internships have a range of requirements as they have different fields available. Candidates must please ensure that they adhere to all the requirements as stipulate via the application process.

For most fields candidates will, however, require the following:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen
  • Applicants must hold a valid ID document
  • Candidates must hold a valid Matric with a degree or diploma in the relevant field

For most of their internships applicants will not be requested to have any prior working experience. Preference will also be given to talented candidates from specifically selected groups.

The company seeks individuals with the following competencies:

  • Highly innovative, motivated and proactive
  • Goal orientated, logical thinker with great analytical skills
  • Practical, able and can work in a team or independently
  • Applicants must have exceptional communication skills
  • Applicants must be proficient in English
  • Applicants must be able to communicate clearly on all levels of operations
  • Applicants must be able to engage confidently with clients
  • Applicants must be able to work well under pressure

Coronation Internship Application

Coronation internships applications online can be found via their website. Interested candidates must access their site and then select the careers tab in the upper right-hand corner. Then they must select internships on the right-hand side about halfway down the page. Under the heading ‘How to apply,’ they will find a highlighted tab ‘careers website’, click on this to be directed to their careers page.

A new tab will open with a variety of selections. Candidates must now select the ‘Graduate Opportunities’ at the bottom of the selection. Any open internships will now be displayed. If there is a field within your qualifications, you may see more detail on such a position by selecting the ‘view more’ at the end of the description.

If you meet all the stipulations as set out, candidates may continue by clicking the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the screen. Terms of each internship will also be stipulated with their information and requirements. Contract internships may be for a period of one or two years, depending on the position.

Coronation Internship Closing Dates

Currently, there is no available closing dates for open internships. Internships will be opened and closed during the year as a need arises within the company and is filled.

Candidates must ensure that all required documentation is certified and added to their application. The application must be completed fully and signed by the individual applying for the internship.

May you find a career suitable for you and happiness within your life’s choices!

Eaton Internship Programme 2020-2021

Eaton has multiple offices across the globe. They have offices within more than a 175 countries and more than a 100 000 employees committed to making a change. They believe in drawing talented candidates from cross-cultures from around the world. And in doing so they are able to effectively assist their clients, communities and even aid in building the markets of the world. Leading all to greater choices, effective decisions and delivering innovativeness.

Eaton is known to be a broad-based equal opportunity company while promoting affirmative action principals. Their employment options are thus based on work-related requirements and the suitability of each candidate. They do not discriminate or base their employment on race, gender, age, nationality, origin, disabilities, religion or any other related status.

If you meet all the requirements for the Eaton internship programme and believe yourself to be a respectful, trustworthy people’s person that can treat others with respect and value each relationship within your career, then you may just have what is needed. If you apply with Eaton, you must be prepared to commit yourself to the company as they will commit to you.

Eaton offers their interns an opportunity to excel within their chosen career, to gain valuable knowledge and become all they can be. They seek greatly gifted individuals who believe in helping others, who can build relationships on trust, mutual respect, dignity, and integrity.

If this is you, or who you want to become and you find this company may be your ideal employer, have a look at their internships today.

Eaton Internships Available

Eaton has a variety of career options available for qualifying candidates. If you are interested in any of the fields mentioned below and you have the requirements, you may apply if they have an open internship. They seek talented graduates with great potential to join an effectively growing company.

Internship fields with Eaton are as follows:

Eaton Internship: Requirements

Candidates whom would like to apply within one of the fields mentioned or any made available by Eaton will be requested to have the following:

  • Candidates must hold a valid Matric in addition to a relevant Degree or Diploma
  • Candidates must be driven and passionate
  • Candidates must be goal and result orientated
  • Candidates must have exceptional communication skills
  • Candidates must be proficient in English
  • Candidates must be able to work under pressure
  • Candidates must have problem-solving skills
  • Candidates must be social, friendly and be able to effectively orientate people

Eaton believes that ‘Excellence’ is achieved via their people. They aim to create a stable environment with managers and employees sharing the company’s key beliefs and share the responsibilities, taking hands to move forward. They offer successful candidates the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Successful candidates will have the following attributes:

  • Innovation, bringing forth new ideas
  • Excellence, striving for the best
  • Open and honest communications
  • Involvement within the company, striving to always add greatness
  • Keeping promises and valuing commitments
  • Eager to grow in their field and enhance their knowledge

Eaton Internship: Application

Eaton online applications are not available, however, candidates may send their detailed curriculum vitae, along with their full academic transcripts, a certified copy of ID and also certified copy of their qualifications to, [email protected].

Candidates can also find more information on their internship programs via this page on their website. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the field you are enquiring about to see if they have internships within that field. A new page will open on your browser where you will be able to see all available internships.

Candidates are asked to please ensure they provide the following when applying:

  • Completed application form
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copy of full Academic records
  • Certified copy of Degree or Diploma

Eaton Internships Closing Dates

You will find the closing dates for each Eaton internships via their internship information book as provided via the link above. Please note that no late entries will be accepted.

Eaton invites talented candidates to apply and they enjoy investing in their staff, so if this is the company for you and they have an available internship, apply today.

PSYSSA Internships 2020-2021

PSYSSA has been in operation from 1994. It came to standing by uniting the separate unities that stood before, within the mental and psychosocial health industry. The focus of this structure is to assess and deal with issues related to the well-being of all South African citizens.

This company has dedicated its work to aiding and enabling the reconstruction of the post-apartheid structures within South Africa. It aims at making an impact by mounting and solving the human development issues faced by the country. They consult Government, private and civil society, as well as all legislative bodies on the effects and solutions within the fast-shifting issues affecting South African’s and society.

In 2014 their student division came into standing. This allows psychology students to participate in dialogue with management councils, to be associated with the company and gain admission to data concerning the company. This, in turn, enables students to engage in student-to-student mentoring, along with exposure on a national scale of the psychology industry.

PHYSSA offers talented candidates an exceptional opportunity to learn first-hand about the industry in many fields.

PSYSSA Internships Fields

PSYSSA Internships offers selected candidates opportunities in fields associated with psychology.

PSYSSA Internships Available

Currently, there are no Internships available to the public. For more detail on what this company does and offers, interested candidates, can visit their website.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Internship Programme 2020-2021


PwC delivers professional services globally, within more than 154 countries.  They draw strength, skill, and knowledge from a stable workforce of more than 161 000 employees.  PwC offers candidates vast and exciting opportunities.  With aid from highly qualified experts, PwC delivers assistance as well as advice with integrity to their client base.  They aim to build strong relationships while conveying respected services to their clients, the community and also all professionals across a broad range of markets.

At PwC interns will become part of something bigger, this firm has multiple resources, and you can make a difference, not only in business but also in society.  They are constantly seeking new, advanced ways to create a strong influence.  They offer an energetic team environment, along with the advantage of working with people from around the world.  PwC is focused on skills development and education, as South Africa faces many social challenges.  Education opens doors to employment, allowing people to think for themselves and make a change.

What will you be doing once your studies are complete?  You will be required to make some major life altering choices, and these will affect the rest of your life.  Your career options, what you truly enjoy doing and what you can or cannot do.  Finding your own path is not always easy.

At PwC They have more than 700 internships available yearly.  These span across 29 countries, and out of those candidates they usually offer about 88% of them, full-time employment.  Those that move on, will be equipped with great things and be an asset to any company.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers PWC Internship programme Available

PwC has a limited field of internships available each year, here are their categories.  Depending on your desired career path, one of these may be ideal for you:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Human Resources
  • Advisory Services

PriceWaterhouseCoopers PWC Internship programme Requirements

Applications are accepted yearly for a variety of internships to fill an opening as they arise, but moreover to aid in the preparation of skilled individuals for the workforce.

Candidates will also be required to have the following:

  • Candidates must hold a valid Matric certificate
  • Candidates must have a Valid ID book/card
  • Candidates must hold a degree or diploma within the selected discipline
  • Candidates must be computer literate
  • Candidates must be open minded and practical
  • Candidates must be committed to delivering 100% quality work
  • Candidates must be adaptable as business needs change constantly
  • Candidates must be able to apply what they learn with expertise
  • Candidates must be able to build stable relationships with clients
  • Candidates must have a firm understanding of business
  • Candidates must be passionate about exceptional client services
  • Candidates must be willing to take responsibility
  • Candidates must be able to meet deadlines and manage work loads
  • Candidates must demonstrate integrity along with courage
  • Candidates must be able to maintain high levels of confidentiality
  • Candidates must be willing to speak up if there is a problem

PriceWaterhouseCoopers PWC Internship programme Application

Internships online applications processes are made available on their website.  It is recommended to regularly check on the PwC Webpage for any developments during the year.

First impressions make a difference!  Thus the application is step one and the ideal opportunity to sell yourself.  Have all information at hand before starting the process, this implies all educational, university and work experience.  Always read carefully and follow the instructions as is provided.

Spelling and grammar mistakes will have a negative impact on your application, so be sure to double check everything.  Keep to the point with questions asked, you can always provide more information at the interview.  All information provided needs to be complete and accurate, as it will be checked.

You will also be required to complete a series of tests, you can practice these before taking the official ones.  Your numerical and logical reasoning and capabilities will be tested.

Each test you undertake will be timed, so be sure to read all questions carefully, yet quickly.  Be sure you fully comprehend what is asked before answering.  It will require about an hour of your time to complete both of these tests, thus it is advisable to do them when you have sufficient time and will not be disrupted.  Please complete these tests by yourself, as you may be asked to redo them at a later date.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers PWC Internship programme Closing Dates

The closing dates for internships are not available, you can, however, have a look on their website for more information regarding their internship process.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview.  Here your competencies will be assessed.  Thus you will be able to give your best.  There are specific core skills that PwC seeks in their interns, this will be assessed throughout the entire application process.  The selection process starts when you submit your application, through the interview as well as specifically selected events.  It is advised to give your best all the way from start to end.