How to Draft the Perfect Résumé?

When you are interested in launching your search to land your dream job, the most vital thing that you need to do is present yourself as professionally as possible. This is the point where you must start thinking about writing your résumé or CV.

First things first: What is a résumé?

It is a type of document that consists of information about you. The reason why it is so important is due to the fact that you use this sheet of paper to impress your potential employer. It is basically the first impression you make when you apply for a job!

As a matter of fact, statistics show that employers, on average, spend only a couple of seconds looking at a résumé. As such, it is imperative to catch their attention during this minuscule amount of time; what you want is to have the competitive advantage that the other applicants do not have.

Types of résumé

In order to start writing a résumé, it is beneficial to become familiar with the types of résumé that exist:

The Chronological Résumé: This type of résumé lists your academic and professional background in a timeline format (starting with the most recent and moving on to the earliest). This kind of résumé is ideal for people who have a long history of employment (possibly with breaks in between) and their past employment history relates to the current job they are applying for.

The Functional Résumé: This type of résumé focuses more on your achievements rather than your employment history. It is perfect for graduates who might have a couple of internship experiences and they would like to list the skills that they have acquired during their respective experiences.

What To Include In Your Résumé?

Moving on to the information that must be included within your résumé, If you are not quite certain of the kind of information to be added, do not panic! Here is a list of everything you need to know based on the information provided by the South African Government:

  • Firstly, you must include your personal information (surname, first name, date of birth, country of birth, gender, status: married/single, status of health, address, contact number and e-mail address, driver’s license ID)
  • Include your educational timeline (schools you have attended and degrees you have earned)
    Add the languages you are able to speak and write. Indicate the level of each (Beginner, Intermediate, Fluent or Native language)
  • List your skills and abilities. It is very important for a company to be aware of your advantages. In this way, they are more likely to take you into consideration, especially if your skills match their requirements.
  • Add your previous work experience (chronologically). Be specific in the tasks you performed. Mention the name of the company you worked for and the period of time you worked for them. You could also list in bullet points all the responsibilities that you had when working for the company.
  • Be sure to also mention any courses you attended or additional studies. You are also allowed to add awards you have earned or leadership positions that you have acquired.
  • Make sure to include references. References should come from a reliable source (such as your previous employer or a teacher/professor). Include the contact details of the person who writes the reference for you as the employer is likely to contact them for additional information regarding your background.

Updating your Résumé

After you have written your résumé, make sure to keep an eye on it. By this, it is indicated that you would need to update it several times throughout your career path. Anything relevant that you do, e.g. start of an internship, work experience, learning a new language, attendance of a new course, acquirement of new skills, winning new awards, must be added on your résumé; all of these details are important in giving you the necessary leverage to be picked out amongst the other candidates.

Add A Professional Picture

Last but not least, take a professional picture of yourself and put it on the upper left corner of your résumé (just right next to your personal information). Here are a couple of tips to make sure you get the right shot:

  • Make sure to have adequate lighting. Natural light is the best source of lighting, so make sure that you take your picture in a room where light comes in from the windows and the walls have a light color to further flatter your facial features.
  • Wear something appropriate. As you are taking a picture for a résumé, it is important that you look professional. Think of a suit or a white collar shirt!
  • Sweep your hair out of your face! You must show your face, so, consider putting your hair up in a ponytail and wear formal make-up; nothing too vivid.
  • Lastly, have the perfect face expression: a small smile is the warmest and most professional face feature to show on your résumé.

So now that you are a professional in compiling a great résumé, start searching for jobs in South Africa!

By: Andrra Berisha /

MTN Internships

mtn internships

Technology, communication, cell phones and all related fields are what MTN internships are all about. If these interest you, an internship with this company can give you hands-on knowledge and experience. They offer career paths in engineering, marketing, IT, sales, computer science and more.

MTN was previously known as M-Cell. They have more than 26000 staff across all their operations and connect people in 22 countries daily. They aim at enhancing their customer’s experiences with regular technological upgrades and the introduction of new services. They offer gifted individuals great opportunities to gain experience in their field with a variety of graduate programs.

MTN Internships Available

MTN has a large variety of career fields, yet, they are all within the communications industry. Here are some of the career paths they make available on internships yearly.

MTN internship career options:

  • Engineer
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • IT Intelligent Technology
  • Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Finance

Most of the internship provided by MTN will be for a 2-year period unless otherwise stated. The company provides successful candidates with a monthly stipend, yet, you are responsible for your own accommodation and transport.

MTN Internships Requirements

MTN internship requirements will vary in accordance with the field. There are some basic stipulations that are similar to all their fields as listed below. Nonetheless, you must meet all requirements as set out in the application or advertisement to be eligible.

Basic stipulations for MTN internships:

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • Applicants must hold a legal Grade 12 certificate
  • You must have a valid ID Document
  • Applicants must be skillful in the English language
  • You must be well-educated on computer systems and software
  • Candidates must have a diploma or degree in their field where needed

MTN Internships Application

MTN internship application online can be done via the MTN Website, they have many opportunities for Graduates. However, you must register with the MTN site to be able to apply. Once you have registered you can seek on their Careers Page in your field for open internship opportunities.

MTN Internships Closing Dates

MTN internships closing dates may vary depending on the position and branch. They offer a diversity and great opportunity for growth. If any of the fields above are what you are seeking and you meet the requirements, you can apply once an internship in that field becomes available.

Rural Development Internships 2020-2021

rural development internships

Rural development internships have a wide selection of careers to offer to talented applicants. These include forestry, agriculture, planning, management and many others. It is ideal for people who want to assist in improving the lives and living conditions of people less fortunate. If you have the qualifications required and a passion for rural development there could be an internship perfect for you.

There have been many changes in the views of rural development over the years. The aim of rural development is to enhance the lives of people living in remote areas. To assist in the development of infrastructure and improve their well-being. It includes areas of agriculture, education, social and physical infrastructure, as well as health care and other vital aspects of life. This includes the social well-being of people and the development of social infrastructure in these areas.

Rural Development Internships Available

Rural development internships include a selection of career fields to consider and a great mixture of culture and experiences. Below is a list of fields you may want to explore once you have completed your studies.

Rural development fields may include:

  • Rural Management
  • Rural Planner
  • Project Implementation
  • Marketing
  • Forestry
  • Researcher
  • Analyst
  • Agriculture
  • Consultant
  • Social development
  • Social Work
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Companies offering Rural Development Internships

Rural Development Internships Requirements

To be eligible to apply for internships in these fields you will have to meet all the stipulations of the company you are applying to. Here are some of the more basic requirements that most companies have in common.

Rural Development basic stipulations:

  • All applicants must hold a legal ID book or document
  • You must be a South African citizen
  • All applicants must have a legal Matric certificate
  • You must also have a diploma or a degree where required
  • Applicants must usually be between 18 and 35 years of age
  • You must not be employed or part of an internship prior to your application
  • Applicants must not have a criminal record
  • A commitment to learning and aiding others is recommended

Applicants who have a disability are also invited to apply. If you have a disability, you must also submit a medical certificate with your application. The medical certificate must state the disability. Successful applicants will receive a monthly allowance but must have their own accommodation and transport.

To be eligible you must complete the application form in full, attach all required documentation and submit it before the closing date supplied. All documentation must be certified copies and not the originals. Only those applicants that are placed on a shortlist will be contacted. The duration of the internships can vary between 12 and 24-months if it is shorter or longer the company will give you this information. However, it is usually stated on the internship advertisement.

What are Summer Internships Programs 2020-2021

summer internships

Summer internships are ideal for those who want to gain some hands-on knowledge in their field while still studying. These internships are usually for shorter periods during summer vacation time. Fields included in these programs are quite diverse and can range from law, finance, sales, marketing to managing and more.

Some of the programs offered to talented learners include an allowance but not all do. Most of these programs on offer are for the experience. These can also count for learners once they graduate as they can ask for recommendation or referral letters from each company they intern at. Find a summer internship program in your field with the companies listed here and start building your resume and experience. With these programs, you will be ready to enter the workforce once you qualify or graduate.

Summer Internship Programs Available

Career fields for summer internships program include a huge selection of fields. We have made a list of some of these fields available to talented candidates.

Fields for summer internships:

  • PR Public Relations
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Supply Chain
  • Development
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Writing
  • Production
  • IT
  • Computer Systems
  • Economics

Companies who offer Summer Internships Program

Summer Internships Program Requirements

Each company that is offering a summer internships program will have some requirements that must be met for you to be eligible to apply. These will vary slightly with each company but there are a couple of similar requirements as set out below.

Summer internship program basics:

  • Applicants must be in possession of a valid ID document
  • All candidates must have a Grade 12 certificate
  • You must be fluent in the English language
  • Applicants must either hold a qualification in the field of application or be studying towards one
  • You must be eager to learn and hard working
  • You must be reliable and confident in your abilities
  • Applicants must have great communication skills
  • You may be required to have solid computer knowledge depending on your field
  • You must be detail orientated
  • Applicants must be able to handle pressure
  • You must be comfortable to work in a diverse team and individually

These internships can run for any duration, however, most are for 8, 10 or 12-weeks. These are ideal for gaining some hands-on knowledge while studying or just after qualifying in your field. All applications must be submitted on time with all relevant documentation to be considered. Applicants who have a disability are welcome to apply but must submit a medical certificate stating the disability as well.

Some of these summer internship programs also provide accommodation along with the stipend. Nonetheless, most companies do not provide transport. Some are only offered to candidates in their final year of study but it all depends on the company. More details on summer internship programs can be found on the company’s websites.

Fashion Internships 2018-2019

fashion internships

If you love being creative, fashion, modern trends and all that goes with it, fashion internships may help you with the perfect career path for you. Career options include editor, writer, photographer, marketing, sales and a multitude of other fields. Fashion includes many industries such as clothing, magazines, footwear, furniture, make-up, accessories and beauty products. It is a world of trends, models, starts, technology, and ventures into the past and future.

This field takes an in-depth look at the wants and needs of people from all walks of life. It is a hands-on industry that explores services and products, brands, marketing, design, events and so much more. Fashion does not only include the social aspects of life but also business, sport, entertainment and pertains to all ages, genders, and cultures.

Fashion Internships Available

Fields offered in this line can vary and the companies offering these internships as well. Here is a list of some of the fields you can enter in the fashion world.

Fields to consider in fashion design:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Editor
  • Fashion Writer
  • Personal Shopper
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • International Trader
  • Fashion Business Manager
  • Make-up Artist
  • Photographer

Companies offering Fashion Internships

Fashion Internships Requirements

If you apply for any of the above career fields or companies, you must be sure to meet all stipulations to be eligible for an internship. Most internships are only offered to South African citizens between the ages of 18 and 35.

Stipulations you must meet:

  • You must have a valid ID card/book/document
  • You must have a Grade 12 certification
  • Candidates must hold a degree or diploma in their field/field of application
  • You must not be working or part of another internship as you need to be available full-time
  • You must have good computer skills
  • Candidates must have exceptional communication skills in English (read, write & speak)
  • You must be able to work under stress
  • You must be detail orientated
  • Candidates must work well in a team and individually
  • You must be creative and able to meet deadlines

Applicants should also submit a Curriculum Vitae, motivational letter and recommendation letters with the application. Internships in this field may require you to have transport, a laptop, and/or smartphone but it will depend on the position. Many of the internships in this industry are only for 3 to 6-months, yet, some companies may offer longer internships. Applicants who are successful will be placed on a shortlist and invited to attend an interview.

Economics Internships 2020-2021

economics internships

If you are passionate about numbers, mathematics, solving problems and statistics, then economics internships may be a suitable option. Career fields include economists, surveyors, finance, consultants and more. Most economic fields are based on the study of mathematical problems, analyzing, evaluation, productivity, income, distribution, money factors, consumption, wealth and delivering of services or goods.

This field can apply to multiple industries except for the obvious ones such as business, education, and politics. It can be used in law, crime, religion, environment, health care, and many other industries as well. A qualification in this field opens many doors to a variety of career options.

Economics Internships Available

Economics has many career paths to offer. Internships in this field can be for 12-months or longer and will depend on the company offering the internship. Most companies offer successful applicants a monthly allowance but it does not include meals, transport or accommodation.

Career fields with Economics:

  • Economist
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Investment Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Government Officer
  • Management Consultant
  • Auditor
  • Development Economist
  • Risk Manager

Companies offering Economics Internships

Economics Internships Requirements

Companies offering internships in these fields has some stipulations that must be met before you can apply. We have compiled a list of the basic requirements for the career fields mentioned.

Internship stipulations:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen
  • They must have a valid ID document
  • They must hold a valid Matric certification
  • Applicants must not be working or part of another internship
  • They must have strong mathematical skills
  • They must be computer literate
  • Applicants must be able to communicate fluently in English
  • They must be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • They must be able to handle pressure

Most companies also encourage people who have a disability to apply. For these people, a medical certificate is required. This certificate must indicate the nature of their disability. Selected candidates will be invited to attend an interview and more detail on the internship will be provided. If you love all that these fields have to offer and find a company you would like to learn from, you may apply once their internships open and you meet all the requirements.

Business Management Internships 2020-2021

business mangement internships

Business management internships are not for everyone. It includes many aspects of leading, controlling, planning and organizing. Running day to day operations and making key choices that can have a good or bad impact on a business. It is a big step and great commitment. It includes careers such as human resources, marketing, sales, planning, projects, financial accounting and more.

A degree or diploma in business management gives you a variety of career options and most likely a busy schedule. It also stretches across many industries and/or sectors. The world of business is a competitive one but if this is your passion and you meet all the requirements for an internship, it may open many doors for you in the future.

Business Management Internships Available

The career path you take with your business management skills depends on your interest in the business world. Below are some of the popular careers related to this field but not the only ones, so, feel free to explore your options. Most internships in these fields can range anything from 3-months to 2-years.

Career fields:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Product Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Retail Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Sales Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Business Administration
  • Business Communication

Companies offering Business Management Internships

Business Management Internships Requirements

Internships requirements for the fields above must be met before you can apply. Each company will have their own stipulations, yet, there are some similar ones as mentioned below.

Similar Requirements may include:

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa
  • You must hold a legal ID book or document
  • Excellent communication skills are a must
  • Proficiency in English and sometimes another language is a requirement
  • You must have good people skills and be presentable at all times
  • A diploma or degree is required with most companies in the field of applications
  • You must be knowledgeable with computers

You will find the stipulations of the company you apply to on their application form or internship advertisement. All the stipulations must be met before you apply. Applications must be submitted in a timely fashion and with all documentation. If this line of work is your passion, we wish you all the best in your career ahead. We hope you find an internship that is suitable for you.

Biochemistry Internships 2020-2021

biochemistry internships

Do you love studying the processes of living organisms? Internships in this field are for those who want to enter careers as biochemists, researchers, analysts and more. Biochemistry is the studying and exploring of all life and living organisms. It researches genetics, medicine, life science, botany and more to see the workings of cells, tissue, DNA, molecules, and organs. This allows a better understanding of diseases, overall health, health issues and related issues. It is also used in the construction of biological substances, pest control, fertilizer and such. Changes in this field have astounded and adapted to our modern age as technological advancements are made. Read on to see our list of companies offering Biochemistry Internships.

Biochemistry Internships Available

Biochemistry is a field that can be found in a range of industries. These industries are hospitals, agriculture, and education but also include cosmetics, drug development, food institutes and forensic research. Therefore, the careers in this field are quite diverse. You may find work at a hospital, Cosmetics Company, pharmaceutical companies, Government Departments or in the food and safety industry.

Some of the career paths are:

  • Researcher
  • Planner
  • Analyst
  • Forensic Biochemist
  • Biochemist

Companies offering Biochemistry Internships

The duration of each internship will depend on the company offering it. Most of the internships in this field are between 12 and 24-months.

Biochemistry Internships Requirements

If you want to apply for internships in any of the career paths mentioned, you must also meet the requirements of the company you are applying to. All documentation you submit with the application must be certified copies, do not submit your originals.

Key requirements for Biochemistry Internships

  • Applicants must be citizens of South Africa
  • You must have a Matric certificate
  • You must have an ID document or book
  • Candidates must hold a diploma or a degree in the field they are applying for
  • You must be computer literate
  • You must be proficient in English with good communication skills
  • Applicants must be able to work under pressure
  • You must be a team player and be able to work independently
  • Must be honest, reliable and presentable
  • Must not be working or part of another internship
  • Candidates must be detail orientated and driven to succeed

Applicants who have a disability may also apply if they provide a medical certificate stating their disability. Only the applicants who are placed on a shortlist will be contacted and an interview may be arraigned. Please make sure the applications are completed in full and all your detail current.

National Treasury Internships 2020-2021

The Government of South Africa’s finances is regulated and accounted for by the National Treasury. They monitor implementations of budgets for both provincial and local government bodies while aiming to reduce poverty. They offer talented individuals an opportunity each year to gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience within a variety of fields through their internship program. Candidates who excel within their studies are urged to apply in the available career fields. With the internships provided by this Government department candidates will learn what their career path is all about and be prepared to enter the workforce.

National Treasury Internships Available

The National Treasury has many career paths to offer candidates and if selected to join their internship program these candidates will learn all they need to know about their field from top professionals in the field.

Here are some of the fields available for interns:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Development Economics
  • Economics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Computer Science
  • Public Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Statistics
  • Investment
  • Communications
  • Human Resource Management

The National Treasury offers a 24-month internship program to eligible candidates. Each selected candidate will gain great hands-on knowledge within their field while also receiving a monthly stipend. Boarding, transport, and meals are the responsibility of the candidate and are not provided for by the National Treasury.

National Treasury Internships Requirements

If the fields mentioned above are what you seek, then you must also adhere to all requirements as set out by the Treasury Department. Candidates wanting to apply must ensure they have all the relevant documentation at hand when commencing the application. The application form will have all the requirements clearly stated but here are the basic requirements needed.

Here are some of the requirements needed to apply:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen with a valid ID document
  • Applicants must have a valid Matric / Grade 12 certificate with a minimum of 60% average
  • Applicants must have a solid knowledge of computers
  • Candidates must have a degree in their field and be proficient in English
  • Candidates must be able to work under pressure and take responsibility
  • Candidates must be good at mathematics
  • Applicants must be able to function independently and as part of a team

Applicants will be exposed to many tasks of the banking industry and gain treasured experience while completing their internship with the National Treasury. Selected candidates will be contacted, thus, if you do not hear anything within three months after the closing date, you may assume your application was unsuccessful. Only candidates who make the shortlist will be contacted.

National Treasury Internships Application

National Treasury internship applications online can be done on their website once applications open. Applications can be downloaded, completed and submitted via e-mail or post to the following addresses:


[email protected]


HR Specialist

National Treasury

Private Bag X 115



Late applications, applications missing documentation or applications that are incomplete will not be looked at. Candidates must attach clear and certified copies of all documentation and not their original documents. Applicants must submit their full academic records with the applications.

National Treasury Internships Closing Dates

The National Treasury internships usually open during the month of May each year. Once applications open, the closing dates for the various programs will be available on their site.

Candidates are reminded to ensure all relevant documentation is certified, the application is completed in full and all contact detail is up-to-date. Good luck to all who are pursuing a career with the National Treasury.

Department of Social Development Internship 2020-2021

Social development is more a calling than a job, it is a specialized profession and people with a lot of compassion do very well in this field. The Department of Social Development seeks gifted candidates each year to partake in their internship program. They aim to improve life and assist with social and human development throughout South Africa. They work at reducing harassment and discrimination within the workplace ensuring safe and pleasant work experiences for all people. Their internship programs offer talented candidates the opportunity to learn and explore all aspects of their career field.

Department of Social Development Internship Available

This Government Department offers selected candidates exciting opportunities to gain hands-on knowledge within their career field. Selected candidates will receive a monthly allowance, yet, accommodation, meals, and transport will be the candidates own responsibility.

They offer a mixture of internships each year, here are some that may be of concern to you, depending on your expected career path:

  • Gender Study
  • Systems Development
  • Public Management
  • Public Administration
  • Human Recourses Management
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Business Administration
  • Data Capturing
  • Logistics
  • Labor Relations
  • Office Management
  • Information Technology
  • International Relations
  • Statistics
  • Social Policy
  • Research
  • Economics
  • Community Development
  • Financial Management
  • Youth Development
  • Social Work
  • Communications
  • Information Science
  • Public Relations
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Department of Social Development Internship Requirements

Applicants wanting to apply for an internship offered with this Department must meet all stipulations as set out by the Department. Candidates between 18 and 35 are preferred, as well as those with disability are encouraged to apply.   

Candidates will also be required to have the following:

  • Candidates must hold a valid Matric certificate
  • Applicants must hold a valid ID book/card and be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must have a degree/diploma from a recognized institute of higher learning
  • Applicants must have a valid degree or diploma within the selected field of application
  • Candidates must be proficient in English (read, write & speak)
  • Applicants must not have any criminal record
  • Candidates must show a commitment to learning
  • Applicants must not have participated in any other Government internship prior to their application

Please ensure all documentation is certified copies and not originals. The application must not be submitted late or missing documentation as it will then not be considered. Also, applications that are incomplete will not be looked at.

Department of Social Development Internship Application

Once the Department of Social Development internships application online becomes available it will be posted on their web page. Candidates must download the Z83 application form, complete it and attach all relevant documentation before submitting. Please ensure all documentation is certified copies and not the originals. These application forms can then be submitted either by hand or post to the following addresses.

Hand deliver:

National Department of Social Development

Human Science Research Council Building

134 Pretorius Street (c/o Pretorius & Bosman)



Post to:

National Department of Social Development


HRD & Performance Management

Private Bag X 901



Candidates must address their applications to Ms. Carmen v.d. Westhuizen or Mr. Aaron Sigudla. Candidates with a disability are also encouraged to submit applications. Once applications close the department will contact those candidates who have made the shortlist. If you do not receive any correspondence within two months after the closing date, you can take it that your application was unsuccessful.

Department of Social Development Internship Closing Dates

Applications open for candidates near the end of each year and close the end of January or 1st of February each year. Candidates must always make sure the application is completed in full and all contact details up-to-date. All documentation must be attached and certified. Any incomplete applications or those with missing documentation and late applications will not be taken into consideration.